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Numbah 554 (via So Many Styles)

Wow. At this point, I don’t knoow many more ways to phrase my utter, total, and complete grattitude to Irie Campese of So Many Styles, who, once again, has used one of my decals (available at Icing on the Kake in Summerland) in her lovely Look Book blog post. I adore the shade she tinted the decal and the color-scheme for this post. The pale shades of blue, gold, silver, grey, and white, used here, definitely evoke summer for me – they remind me of the blue of the sky, the white of fluffy cotton-candy clouds, and the golden rays of the sun. Once again, both in terms of the fashion aspect and the decor aspect, Irie has impeccably styled these pics. The pose reminds me of someone who’s arms are outstretched as if waiting for a hug so I’ll end on this note… I’m hugging ya back, girl! If only through wires which carry signals that allow us to connect to this miracle called the internet where we get to create such wonderful works of art as Irie’s fashion designs and Second Life (TM) photographs. Bravo, Irie, bravo! Once again, you’ve managed to create art and bring a tear to my eye! ILY! ❤

*Links and styling info by Irie Campese in the post below*

Numbah 554 Skin: Vive9 – Ginta Base Ivory Hair: Maitreya – Lara Beach Blond Vest: *RibboN* – Lace Vest White Dress: ][AWRAM-VIIE][ – Dress White Lace Pants: priss. – Boyfriend Jeans Dark Wash Glasses: duboo. – M&M Glasses Necklace: Whippet & Buck – Peggy Buck Necklace Silver Shoes: Maitreya – Allure Ivory Poses: *agapee* Furniture: Chair: *halu* Wall Tatt: Icing On The Kake Curtain: siss boom … Read More

via So Many Styles


Multiple Colorgasms! Oh My!

Guess what? I’m fulfilling one of the promises I made to you yesterday – I haz Second Life pics, woohoo! And only a day after I made the promise! Am I on the ball or what?

Once again, I went for bright, rich colors, using pieces that generally could be seen as modern twists on the classic  and traditional in this take on the Molto Bene! Black and White Sky Parlor Skybox. Note that I retinted the sash on the curtains to match the teal damask walls, which I’ve retextured with a modified (by me) vivid textures Victorian wall texture, type2-blue. I also replaced the texture originally behind the fake windows with the stock panorama of Manhattan (see the last pic).

Tip:  to match the color of the curtain sash and the teal walls, I used the “show color under cursor” option at the bottom of the UI menu in the Advanced menu. Then, I let my mouse pointer rest, without touching it, so that it would truly stay still, over the point on the wall that seemed closest to the middle of the color’s variations. After jotting down the RGB values for safekeeping, I entered them in RGB boxes in the tint section under the texture menu when editing linked parts on the curtains. The linked part in question, of course, was the sash. And voila, my sash and walls matched!

Anyway, you’ve probably done all that before and are wondering, “what is this crazy woman doing going on like I don’t know how to rez a box?” Sorry! Just covering all the bases, trying to be as thorough as possible, and spell out every detail for anyone who’s never used this function before. It can be finicky, the RGB value finding, hence the need for precise lack of movement, to be oxymoronic. Okay, well, before I put you to sleep, here are the piccies! Yay! ❤


Just loungin' 'round

The Loft – Hufnie Hanging Light Rust

C&D Designs – “the Baroque” Sofa – Lime/Black (34 pos)

The Loft – Ethan Lamp Purple

The Loft – Suede Storage Bench Red

The Loft – Aphrodite End Table Turquoise

LISP – Jewel  Lamp – Touch On/Off

**InteriorAddiction** Candle (small)

[croire] letters from the attic


Kickin’ up mah heel!
<— sleepyhead

Loungin’ only:

LISP – Jewel Lantern Hanging


sleepyhead only:

**InteriorAddiction** Candle (large)*

*InteriorAddiction** Candle (medium)*

*InteriorAddiction** Candle (small)

*Y’s HOUSE*Cafe GIFT/agura(F)_book(Wear)

LISP – Gatcha Floor Cushion – Blue Flower

MudHoney Prestige Medallion Chair – Red Paisley



The Loft – Mayer Chaise Jazzberry

MudHoney Prestige Medallion Chair – Lime Stripes

The Loft – Aphrodite End Table Yellow

MudHoney Daisies in Orange vase

LISP – Tearose Daisy Orange

<Kal Rau>  Cards

**InteriorAddiction** Rug Purple

Mrs. Browning’s Poems 1862 (Noctis)

[noctis] Longfellow’s Evangeline book

LISP – Gatcha Floor Cushion – Pink Flower

:: Awesome Blossom :: Ladoix White Wine set (not for sale individually)


Showing off the Icing on the Kake goods

showing only:

(iTuTu) Valentine Heart Sofa 3

The Loft – Addison Frame OrangeThe Loft – Addison Frame Pink

IOTK: Marilyn Wall Decal III: Imperfection Is Beauty (tintable)


I got all fancy with the frame in this last pic, for some reason.

Lost in the view

lost  only:

~*GOD*~ Old Books – TypeG

The Loft – Alex Pouf Pink Brocade

The Loft – Hufnie Hanging Light Mini Rust


And there ya have it! Hope you enjoyed! ❤

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