Awws, look, My friend Maribel Buttons was kind enough to use an Icing on the Kake decal in her gorgeous example of just how lovely a good pic, unedited, can look in her post, Unedited, on her blog, So . . . Buttons!

So... Buttons!

Something I hear a lot is that in order to be a good photographer in SL, you must have mad Photoshop skills. While Photoshop can definitely be used to enhance your photos, I wholly disagree that if you don’t have or don’t know how to use PS, you can’t produce great photos in SL.

My dear friend Harlow Heslop has issued a challenge- Unedited: A blogger/photographer challenge. For this challenge, you are able to use any windlight setting but may not enhance the photograph in any way. It is a fantastic way to test your photography skills and think of new ways to take photographs that don’t need to be altered. Here are a couple of my entries so far:

One thing I have learned that is really important to SL photography is angle. Some angles tend to distort your images, and no amount of editing will be able…

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