Yup, that’s right. I wanted the friggin’ beach so bad, I would’ve sworn to you Second Life was scratch and sniff and somewhere where I wasn’t you could smell the salt air, if only you had the right viewer. Alas, that is not the case. That aching for sea and sand and windblown hair and salt air is somewhat abated though if you rent yourself (supposedly for just a month but we’ll see how strong your resolve is on that one) a slightly more expensive than you intended to get but, oh. so well-done, beach parcel. YourHOME, the rental company I found my parcel at, is highly skilled in the art of artful terraforming, landscaping, and the like. They even provide a raft and swim balls! I returned the raft and a few items of landscaping (randomly placed palm fronds only, if I recall correctly). So, unless it’s listed in the styling section, any landscaping items (i.e., rocks, palms, off-sim items) were provided by the wonderful folks who kindly rent me my oasis and retreat. “where it’s at,” as I have dubbed my new home, is only partially house — I created a network of little hangouts decorated and landscaped into the framework of the existing terraforming and landscaping. I got to play a lot with this parcel since I didn’t need to use as many prims on plants, etc, as I might normally. And, of course, the first thing I did was find a great coastal hideaway and rez it in the most scenic spot. I know! You must be itching to get to the pics by now! However, despite all the yummy goodness coming your way, I do have to give you bad news first. I promise to follow it with immediate good news, though!

See, here’s the kicker: you aren’t going to get to see the whole parcel today. I decided it was too much of an undertaking, involved too many styling notes, too many pics, etc, for one post. So, I broke it up into two sections: the house and the rest of the parcel, of which only one section is included in today’s post. Now, for the good news — you do, however, get to see the entirety of the house today! So, without further ado, I’ve got six pics you might like to take in, if you’re so inclined . . .

where it’s at (my current Home base/Beach Cottage/Parcel):

House creator = Ria Bazar, only available on the marketplace, On sale for 999L!


House: ~Bazar~ *White Beach Cottage* (creator’s name = Ria Bazar, on sale for 999L, only available on the marketplace)

Butterflies: *alirium* butterflies blue B (only 1 prim and part of a freebie pack at alirium)!

Tree Light: Tiki Tattoo – Forest Light Duo

Potted Plant: Tiki Tattoo – Hawaiian Palm in Pot

Chairs and Table: :CP: Morrisey Lemon Rocker w/Lamp, :CP: Morrisey Lemon Table, :CP: Morrisey Lemon Rocker (from :CP: Morrisey Lemon)

Roses: 2 x Tiki Tattoo – Roses Red

Lights on upper deck: LISP – Tearose Lantern String copyable (mod too!)

Welcome Mat: {what next} Marin Doormat

Plant to side of house/behind deck: PINK LAUREL – Tiki Tattoo Garden


Next up: you get to see me kickin’ back and chillin’ in my beach abode!

Beach Cottage Living Room Furniture & Decor


Window Seat: built-into house

Pics above Window Seat: :CP: Vintage Posters

Coffee table, books, candles, blanket, basket with blanket: :CP: Scattered Table

Wine bottle/glasses: :: AB :: White Wine Set (part of :: AB :: Sephia Chaise Set for SUYS, copy/mod)

Rug: {what next} Coastal Cottage Rug (blue)

Fish on wall: LISP – Shoal of Fish with Spare back Shadow

Couch: /artilleri/ Glasgow couch *yellow* (texture-change pillows, different sits in all three seats, copy/mod)

End table/fruit bowl/coffee cup next to couch: /artilleri/ Elgin side table (for FLF)

Surf Books on Elgin side table: Prop Surf Books 2 (creator Nanu Ragu)

End table/decor next to armchair: :CP: Milly’s Garage Sale Table (for FLF, 6 tabletop textures,
4 rez item theme options)

Armchair: :CP: Porch Chair – Coastal (6 pillow/seat texture theme options, comes in copy & trans versions)


I tried to inject a touch of sophistication into an otherwise funky/shabby chic  interior, via the side room:

Kake's Coastal Elegance


Rugs: {SS} Spring Cleaning Rug – Mother’s Room (blue from Sea Salt), {SS} Roadtrip Rug – Omaha (light pink from Sea Salt)

Watering Can Flowerpot: LISP – Sunny Sunflowers in a Cornflower Jug

Dark Chest: :CP: Old Saybrook Daybed Chest (Copy) (from Saybrook Set)

Candles on Dark Chest: **InteriorAddiction** Candle (small), (medium), and (large)

Daybed, Canopy, Sconces: :CP: Old Saybrook Daybed (Copy), :CP: Old Saybrook Daybed Canopy (Copy), :CP: Old Saybrook Sconce (Copy)

Glass Bottles/shelf: LISP – Message in a Bottle Collection

Glass-top table: {what next} Keepsakes Table

Wine cupboard: :CP: Greta Wine Cabinet (:CP: = Cheeky Pea; with everything rezzed; also comes in boho version)

Mail Sorter: elefantu [Memories in written form.]

Light Chest: LISP – Sea Chest – Touch Middle to Change Texures (only 10L, texture-change, sits, no copy, at LISP’s discount garden)!


This is where we meet, greet, and have a seat in my home!

Beach Cottage Foyer Furnishings & Decor


Memory Board: {what next} Life’s a Beach Pin Board (SMALL) updated (scripted for texture change/mod/copy)

Framed Starfish & Sand: {what next}Boathouse Cottage Print 1

Spool Stool: LISP – Net Reel Seat – Texture Change (touch rope) ((only 10L, texture-change, sits, no copy, at LISP’s discount garden)!

Runner Rug: MudHoney Green Zebra Rug (bought at Designer Remix)

Bench: :CP: Laura’s Bench (Part of an old Themeory Set of the same name)

Baskets: :CP: Book Basket (Part of :CP: Laura’s Bench (Themeory) set)

Lantern: LISP – Lullaby Lantern Noir – Click to change texture

Guitar Bookcase: {what next} Norwegian Wood Guitar Bookcase

Tambourine: hey mr. tambourine man (creator Woodrow Stapleton, gift)

Boat Paddle Curtain: {what next} Boathouse Cottage Drape


And, now, what you’ve all been waiting for —  where the magic happens!

Staring at the ceiling in my calm bedroom loft


Beanbag Chair: Boho Lounge pouf (from Second Spaces)

Pics over Beanbag: :CP: Vintage Snaps

Rug: MudHoney Knitted Rug (bought at Designer Remix)

Guitar: ::{u.f.o}::accoustic collabo -punky – bag (from the Community Thrift and Trade Event Gatcha, modded to be used as decor rather than worn)

Sheet Music: {what next} Pile of Music Papers *free*

Microphone: = JBX = Stand_MIC 55SH (same creator as :YONEYA: – Yonemaru Allen, 4 prims, 150L, wire is color-change, copy/mod)

Books: ~*GOD*~ Old Books – TypeE – 2 (~*GOD*~ = *Garden of Dreams*)

Candle: :: AB :: Wnter’s Warmth Glass Candle (lid off) (:: AB :: = Awesome Blossom)

Bed: MudHoney Amaris Bed (bought at Designer Remix, 3 texture-change bedding themes – 2 w/ headboard decals, cuddles and singles animations)

Framed Pic: [what next] Memory Box (Dearest) (with pic of me and mine in it)

Rose in Vase: LISP – Glass Bowl of Roses – copyable

Fan: Kari – Vintage fan (L)(Shadow)

Pics above table, table, table decor, and vase under table: elefantu – [Gorgeous Little Beachhouse] Art Wall (slightly modded)

Boat Bookcase: elefantu [Gorgeous Beachhouse] Lil’ Boat Bookshelf


And now, here’s where I end my evenings, in the most utterly chic way possible – with champagne that’s sitting on a pirate’s treasure chest!

Kake's Coastal "Classy"


Lights: LISP – Tearose Lantern String copyable

Lantern: [ba] modern mesh orb lantern – silver (Part of [ba] SUYS special – all new out door lights)

Adirondack Chairs: Tiki Tattoo – 2010 Honis Chair1, Tiki Tattoo – 2010 Honis Beach chair 2 (sold separately)

Chest: Tiki Tattoo – Pirate Simple Crate

Champagne Bucket/Bottle/Glasses: : FF : Royal Set – Champagne set (: FF : = Fluid Furniture, part of : FF : Royal Set [boxed] (a Royal Living Hunt set), copy)

And that’s all she wrote, folks! Stay tuned until next time (which should be very, very soon)! And don’t be shocked if my one-month Second Life vacation home (the concept of which is, in and of itself, ridiculous) turns into my permanent digs! Le sigh. (Yes, I know! I have an addiction but, please, don’t try to cure me of it)!