Yes, that’s right, I’ve done sinned and y’all know it best of all. I cannot remember the last time I blogged. Hopefully, I’ll rectify that properly with pretty Second Life pics soon. For now, though, I’ve got pretty real life pics for you! Yes, that’s right, this is the first of many real life inspiration pieces I hope to do. (Notice I said “hope” and promised nothing. Lulz).

If you’ve ever looked at the right-hand side of the blog (as most of us do), you may have noticed a poll. (Go. Look. Yes, this means now. We’re waiting. Don’t make me sigh dramatically as I tap my watch. Done now? Good, back to business). Okay, so the poll concerns whether you’re only interested in SL content or whether you’d be interested in RL content as well, especially links to and pics of the things that inspire me. Just under 93 per cent of y’all either didn’t care either way or were in favor of the idea. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the main event, what I hope will be the first of many revealing little looks at where I get my RL inspiration.

Up first, an amazing blog, and an even more amazing flickr stream by one of the contributors. The blog is design*sponge, a blog about interiors, primarily, with before and afters, DIY info, trend info, city info, podcasts, and what may be my favorite feature, and what led me to discover contributor Grace Bonney’s seriously stunning photostream, Sneak Peaks, which are in-depth looks at the inner sanctums of real life people, photographed by the homeowners themselves. Here is a pic of part of the home page. You may notice, sneak peaks are listed first on the left-hand side of the blog. \o/

partial design*sponge homepage

While Grace’s own pics, though few and far between (the flickr stream is almost entirely made up of sets of individual sneak peaks and it’s an enormous stream) are lovely, it’s the sneak peaks that make my hands shake as I wait not-so-patiently each day for my alloted dose (1-3 sets per day, and since I started doing this several weeks ago, I’ve barely made a dent in the collection). I both hoard the sneak peaks and scarf them up, like the addict I truly am. Okay, not a believer yet? Let me show you pics from five sets, as varied and beautiful and eccentric as I’m sure the owners of each home probably are.

First, I will own this kitchen one day. I kid you not. Though with a different color scheme.

sneak peak Annette Joseph kitchen pic I aka Kake's future kitchen

sneak peak Annette Joseph kitchen pic II aka Kake's future kitchen

Next up we have a converted warehouse occupied one Mr. Rob Brinson. It is everything a converted warehouse should be for a human to occupy such a space and oh, so much more. For some reason, I’m especially drawn to the workspaces, but believe you me, the living spaces are just as divine.

design sponge sneak peak rob brinson workspace I

design sponge sneak peek rob brinson work space II

These next pics are uber-evocative for me. They make me remember my beloved and belated Aunt Lillian. When I see them the aromas of the brackish Pamlico River and of honeysuckle seem to waft in the air. I taste sweet southern iced tea, eastern North Carolina barbecue, and pecan pie. I feel papery thin hands graze my cheeks and hear southern accents so thick a non-native would be hard-pressed to understand what was being said. Anyway, without further ado, I present pics from Nancy Lendved’s sneak peek:

design sponge nancy lendved the study

design sponge sneak peek nancy lendved the hallway

Okay, who’s next? Let’s see… Oh, yeah, the loft that mixes so many different elements that it shouldn’t work at all. But, oh my god, does it ever. Anna Campa and Gerald Calm of Zoo Studio are geniuses who’ve made all these mismatched elements work beautifully in this amazing sundrenched loft with the single-most breathtaking view. Here, see for yourself:

design sponge sneak peek anna campa and gerald calm mainfloor overview I


design sponge sneak peek anna campa and gerald calm main floor overview II


Anyway, if y’all thought that was something, wait until you see the last, but most definitely not least, pair of photos. Morgane is a European fashion designer, the founder of Los Composantes, and let me tell you, her taste and sense of style are impeccable. No, fuck that, let me show you.

design sponge sneak peek Morgane's girly-girl workspace

design sponge sneak peek Morgane's white-on-white living room

Good god, do you think I could hire her (for like maybe a grand total of 1000 usd) to decorate my place? All expenses included? Hehehe.

Anyway, that’s all she wrote folks. ❤