Tonight, I am holding the OFFICIAL Grand Opening Shindig for my Second Life wall decor store, Icing on the Kake. DJs Paradox Messmer, Barely Texan, & I will be playing tunes at 5pm, 7pm, & 9pm slt, respectively. We will all be streaming at both F.A.B., the indie club that is directly across from my store, and at the river, the mall in which my store is located. They are literally adjacent, separated only by a short bridge over a winding river, peacefully divinding the two parcels. There will be free gifts, exclusive gifts, other new stuffs, and deals. Also located at the river: Studio Sidhe, Julia Collection, Vextra fashion, & more. Located on the Summerland sim.


Soooo… sounds pretty damn good, right? Riiiiight! Come on out for great tunes, great freebies, new releases, exclusive items, dancing, conversing, & hey, get in call on skype & even get some phone fucking in, for all I care. I KID! I KID! Seriously, though, I want everyone to have a friggin’ blast and I literally cannot wait to see you all out there tonight!!! \o/ ❤