.:NOTsoBAD:. SOHO Loft Skybox, Part I


When I heard NOTsoBad had released a new loft skybox (the SOHO Loft Skybox), I was all like “awww, shiiiit, I gotta check that out.” I expected to only demo it out of overwhelming curiosity – it never occurred to me that I’d actually BUY it. However, as the gray blobbiness faded into fully-rezzed sculpty genius, it was love at first sight. The sculpty beams and posts, the rich wood, metal, and brick textures, the understated fireplace and central wall (which is removable) – gah! it was all breathtaking! Not to mention the wealth of options available and the optional exterior cityscape globe. All of it screamed at me, “Kate… you know you want us.” And they were right, I was smitten, hooked, there was no getting out of it, I HAD to have this skybox.


So, I shelled out around 3500L (3,490L to be precise, which is not that bad really, considering size, quality, control options, and NsB’s general price range). For that, I got the skybox in 2 versions – one without the exterior city dome and one with it, both of which are rez-faux and copy/no mod/no transfer. With the exterior portion, the skybox measures in at… well, damn, fuck if I know… NsB simply describes the size as “30x20m without outdoor, Option: outdoor in huge prim)”. If I were held at gunpoint and FORCED to guess, I’d say maybe 100x100ish (keep in mind, I have a general tendency to unintentionally overestimate)? Otherwise, your guess is as good as mine. Regardless of the specific dimensions, you need SPACE to have the outdoor version, but, since it’s in the sky, you should have it in abundance, so, ’tis all good, no? The version without the cityscape exterior is very versatile in size (30x20m)… large enough to be a good-sized home or store, but not overwhelmingly large. Prim-wise, it’s a wee bit hefty on usage, but not out of control. With exterior, it’s 163 prims, without it’s 151. If  you have 500+ prims, you can easily have this skybox, fully furnished, with a little bit of wiggle room, as long as you’re prim-conscious and use sculpted items generously, which I recommend anyway, since, generally speaking, they’re more attractive, imho. The skybox also features access control, menu-controlled windows and lights with extensive choices, as well as removable fireplace, central wall, and pictures, all of which are gorgeous, imho. Ffs, even the pictures are stunning, and 99 times out of 100, I *HATE* any pics that come with a house, especially the  ones that have come with the thee other NsB homes I own. The subtle urban yet polished feel of the skybox offers you a multitude of style choices with which to play. For example, it could go artsy-fartsy boho; chic, sleek, and modern; warm, cozy, cabin-y; homey and cluttered, with hints of traditional, shabby chic, and rustic styles; and so on and so forth. The possibilities are endless. All in all, this skybox is pretty much everything you could ask for from a skybox, not to mention it’s definitely winter-friendly, for all you winter/holiday decor nuts out there.

And now we come to the portion of the evening where I reveal that I’m a big ole tease. Le sigh. I’m not going to be able to show you the entirety of the skybox today. I know! I’m horribly cruel… that huge buildup and then…what??? Here’s the deal, folks: since my carpal tunnel has run amok and become so devastatingly out-of-control, I’ll only be able to do one portion of the skybox today. However, I will be following this post up with more posts of the Soho Loft, so that, eventually, I’ll end up having shown the entirety of the skybox. That being said, I do have what I think is a pretty mind-blowing area done for you today, if I do say so myself. I decorated the majority of half the skybox, using the central wall as a focal point around which I designed a seating and conversation area. I kind of designed the area around the Scarlet Creative Red Artisan Sofa, which features poses by the now-defunct PDA and from Craig Altman of Bits and Bobs fame. I bought this sofa on a whim when a friend and I were looking for furniture to decorate her then newly-built beach house of sorts and decided we needed to finally check out our friend KB’s girlfriend’s store. /me laughs my ass off. What a way to introduce oneself to the outstanding work of Charlotte Bartlett and team. The Red Artisan Sofa  is just one such example of her genius and skill, combining a sleek, unique, curvy, sexy, striking design with top-notch and totally non-typical poses by PDA and Craig Altman, as well as expert sculpting, texturing, and all other elements technical. It is truly a showcase piece, which is why it’s the central piece in my seating arrangement. Since it’s a deep, bright red, against a neutral wall and floor, I decided to pair it with other brightly-colored, eye-catching, modern pieces from beloved stores including The Loft, Mudhoney, the new kid on the block (who I predict will blow the FUCK up in 2011): Home Genie, *Art Dummy!, DECO, Gos, Icing on the Kake (of course!), and more. All in all, I think I created a striking, visually arresting, yet comfortable, artsy, chic, modern area. Then again, wtf do I know? Here, have a look for yourself:

.:NsB:. SOHO  Loft Skybox
/artilleri/ String lights – blank bulb *blink*
Plant horizontal wood (Home Genie)
HG-Floor lamp
Scarlet Creative Red Artisan Sofa
Mudhoney Katherune Mirror
Orange cloth custom made by Jeannie Svenson, owner of/sole designer for Home Genie
DECO – Dress Form
[*Art Dummy!]  Rusty Blue (Drafting Chair)
[Gos] Coffe Table – Frake
[bubble] Botle Decor No Mod  (old group gift)
:::OBF::: 1Prim Decorative Magazines – Wedge (Cover Change)
Cuba Libre – drink given by Cuba Libre cocktail plate by Maalik Qunhua (on sl vacation according to his profile – as far as i can tell he has no items for sale inworld or on the marketplace atm)
The Loft – Bryn Armchair Yellow (FLF version)
DECO – Wedding Cake Light
Decal – IOTK: Gutter Decal

All items owned by Katelynn Dastardy, aka ME! \o/