Once again, Irie Campese of  So Many Styles, has been both generous enough and fond enough of an Icing on the Kake wall decal that she used it in  a blog post. I’m flustered, flattered, inspired, and energized (or at least I will be, after I get a couple Diet Mt. Dew’s worth of caffeine in my system).

I want to link you guys to Irie’s posts, so you can see a couple of my decals, which, while they will be the focus of Icing on the Kake, will by no means be the only decor items offered. I also wanted to illustrate how the small, seemingly unimportant details of decor (like a wall decal) end up making the biggest impacts, at times. These little finishing touches I like to think of as the Icing on the Kake, hence my store’s name. Anway, with no further ado, go see for yourself how Irie uses the decals to transform  the pics:

Numbah 477

Numbah 469 (ooh… someone obviously knows one of my lucky numbers 😉 )

Well,  let’s see if maybe YOU don’t get insired today, whether it be to go decorate a house or room or skybox, or build something of your own, or simply to go to So Many Styles and go on a total Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman-style shopping spree (trust me, the clothes are very deserving of that kinda treatment). Whatever you do, I hope the muse hits you as hard as she obviously smacked Irie today.

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P.S. Shh… Don’t  tell anyone but I hear Kake has a kickass blog post coming up tonight or tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!